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Parrucchieri Marketing : The website offers an extensive overview of all offers and promotions at hairdressers and aesthetics. All brands of hair products and hair stylists gather here to show their courses, appointments that dedicate to training, fashion shows and meetings. For a Hairdresser do marketing means care for their image so that the audience you hear (women, men, children, artists, companies, wholesalers) get to him easily, recognize and can contact. The management of the image of a salon is a complex task that involves a preliminary data analysis where you study the best way to communicate and reach as many people. This also includes extensive offers and promotions that are the most direct and easy because the hairdresser communicates with customers. An important recipient of marketing communication from a Hairdresser are also partners, in this case the communication is bilateral because it is important that the company knows the potential of Barber and the Barber is aware of the services that the company may offer you a partnership. The marketing for a Hairdresser is done with billboards, with internet sites, with flyers and initiatives that will see involved on field guides as the Top Hairstylists, guide to the best hairdressers in Italy, or with articles in the local papers, with the inclusion of his salon in national magazine. Marketing strategies for hairdressers are often directed towards the quest for visibility and recognition, it is therefore important that the hairdresser relies on professionals who can ensure that its name be found in google and the major search engines, helping to give it visibility through the support to international portals to increase their credibility.

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Parrucchieri Marketing - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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17 Jul 19
Antonio Calvo

The Phoenix, a bird that rises from its ashes is the inspiration for this collection. Like this mythical bird, after long periods of intense creation, it is necessary to resurface and create collections just for the mere enjoyment of making them.

Collection: Phoenix
Ph: Danny Goiry
Make-up: Maria Freire
Stylist: Conchi Silvent
Hair Assistant: Justo Seoane


17 Jul 19
Jacks of London Art Crew

Collection: American Boy
Ph: Barry Makariou
Stylist: Riccardo Chiudioni


16 Jul 19
Rainbow Room International

Collection: Power To The Youth
Ph: Aleksandra Modrzejeska
Make-up: Allana McTrusy
Stylist: Rebecca Donaldson


16 Jul 19
Brett MacDonald and John Ross Slane

The hairstylists with their collection, PURItY, have produced a collection of images that are pure in shape, serene in form and fragile in beauty. The global colour palate provides strength to the purity of shape.

Collection: PURItY
Ph: Amy Leonard
Make-up: Elizabeth Hsich
Stylist: Amy Leonard


15 Jul 19

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